Month: May 2017

Why the Adelaide Crows buying Legacy eSports is such a big deal!

Last week we reported that AFL club, the Adelaide Crows, had purchased Legacy eSports who are one of the prized League of Legends teams in the Oceanic Pro League. We were swamped with phone calls from sporting media around Australia as to why we made such a big deal about it.. Triple M’s “The Greenfield Post with Will & MJ” were one of those we did an interview with. If, like them, you don’t quite understand how big an announcement this was OR don’t really quite understand how big eSports is, click play and prepare to have your mind...

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The Adelaide Crows create their eSports Legacy by signing the AFL’s first pro gaming team!

Huge news broke today with the announcement that the Adelaide Crows have become the first AFL club to sign an eSports team. This follows on from the news a couple of weeks ago that the AFL is wanting to use their fifty-four thousand seat Etihad Stadium (Victoria) to host its first major eSports tournament. From The Adelaide Crows Football Club has acquired OPL team, Legacy eSports, becoming the first traditional sports club to secure an esports team in Oceania. The Adelaide Crows’ move into esports follows the acquisition of international League of Legends esports teams by several sporting...

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The Peripheral Of Peripherals?

In Episode 32 of the Game On Australia podcast, we talked about the great peripherals. Pete made an executive decision that a good headset is the ultimate peripheral, and I tend to agree. Mind you, if and when you listen to Episode 32, I put forward a few good reasons why, right now, I can’t really use a ding dong headset. We’d love to know via our FB page – what is the peripheral of choice? Image Source: Reddit Written by:...

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The NBN Is Driving Me Nuts And I Blame Malcolm Bligh Turnbull

Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning, or listened for the first time last week, you’ll know that we only have one enemy on the Game On Australia podcast. His name: Malcolm Bligh Turnbull Now, it’s nothing to do with politics. We’re completely cool with whatever political persuasion people choose to lean to. What we most definitely ARE NOT cool with is the shit internet speed here in Australia. Poor old Pete only lives 20km’s from our capital city of Perth, yet he’s still on ADSL2. In 2017, he’s still on an outdated technology. Me, on the other...

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