Month: August 2017

How Can Console Manufacturers Stop PC’s From Taking Over?

The age old question debated for thousands (since the 90’s?) of years – who’s better? Xbox Gamers or Playstation Gamers? Well what if the answer lies in a HUGE TOURNAMENT where players from both sides get to battle it out using the same game, but on their own platform? We could be closer to this reality than you think with a massive announcement coming from Microsoft marketing manager Aaron Greenberg: “We’re talking to Sony [about cross-play]” he told Games Reactor. The two console companies already partner on Minecraft and in a round-about way, other games like Rocket League also are...

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No Joke! Australia’s Latest Reality TV Show Is Finding The Next Gamer!

How the hell did we not know about this until now?! The show is called “The Next Gamer” and for the last few months has been putting gamers through their paces with the goal of finding one winner who will then win a place on an established Australian eSports team – in this case LG Direwolves. On twitch and YouTube the gamers have been participating in a series of challenges both in-game and out for a six month pro League of Legends contract, and now we have a top 10 consisting of 9 guys and 1 girl: Beau ‘Beaunivia’ Casey-Lombardi Fraser ‘FrÄ’ Donald Matthew ‘Slammu’...

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Huge Changes Coming To Overwatch Competitive Season 6

Jeff Kaplan, Blizzard Head Cheese, addressed the Overwatch community regarding huge changes to season 6 competitive coming up soon! Season 6 Competitive duration will be shorter: Currently every season goes for a period of 3 months. The team at Overwatch have noticed a steep decline from about the 2 month period onwards in gameplay and interest in Competitive season which is affecting the game overall and have therefore decided that Season 6 will run for the shorter period of 2 months. Competitive Point changes to compensate for shorter season: The amount of Competitive SR picked up for every win...

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The One Thing Wrong With The New Battlefront II Trailer

Look, probably like everyone reading this story, I’m a HUGE sucker for Star Wars. It all started as a 4 year old kid in 1977, running up and down the aisles in a suburban movie theatre here in #Perth, shooting laser guns from my hands and no doubt pissing off all the punters getting into the first (well, fourth) of what would be the most kick-ass franchise known to man. So, when I get tagged in 5 FB posts about the new Battlefront II trailer dropping, of course, I run straight to the nearest Internet device to watch in...

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Call of Duty is coming to Overwatch

In a Developer Update released this week from Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan, plans have been announced that one of the oldest multiplayer FPS game modes, Deathmatch, will be coming to Overwatch. In his video, Jeff spoke about the reasons Blizzard has been putting off the mode for so long: “At Blizzcon last year I was asked if an Overwatch Death match would ever be available, our initial response was no as we didn’t feel it was right for the game and we wanted to keep it objective based rather than have members of the teams going off doing their own thing”...

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