Month: September 2017

This Poor Bloke’s Angry NBN Rant Proves How Real The Pain Truly Is

We’ve made no secret here at Game On Australia that we have been seriously underwhelmed with Australia’s NBN. MALCOLM!!!!! Well, a FB post we saw during the week from an irate Aussie FIFA lover says everything we’ve been feeling, and more.     The poor bloke, Clint Brooks, told us later that he’s copped 7 losses from disconnects out of 8 games, on FIFA’s new Ultimate Team. His words, verbatim… “That angry, don’t even wanna bother playing anymore” Mate, we feel your pain here at Game On Australia. It’s an absolute joke that in 2017, we’re still having conversations...

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How Much Would You Pay For A Cheeto Shaped Like Link?

From the “we sh*t you not” file of the Game On Australia cabinet, we were alerted to a stunning eBay listing today – a Cheeto shaped like Link from the Legend of Zelda! Can you see it?… (scroll down when you get tired of trying to figure it out) . . . . . . . . . . . How about now?…. It’s as if it was handed down by the Golden Goddess herself! The item, described by it’s seller “yociansanchezaguila0” as a “One of a Kind and RARE Cheeto shaped of LEGEND OF ZELDA LINK!” is going for a starting...

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Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee is FREE right now!

Who remembers pumping hours into Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee – I certainly do! I think I remember it for the flood of ads that hammered our television screens during Saturday morning cartoons at the time aswell! Actually after watching that, it’s probably the excessive amount of fart sound effects that flooded the game that I really remember it for… The game was as challenging as it was entertaining and is arguably one of the most popular IP’s to have ever graced the Playstation 1 (and Window’s ’95) Well great news for those of us who spent hours navigating Abe, the...

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Gaming Dad Shares The Pain Of Destiny 2 With A 9 Month Old

Those of you that are regular listeners to the Game On Australia Podcast would know that Dan and I are Dads as much as we are Gamers, meaning our time is usually spent chasing kids instead of engrams. We often talk about how we live in an age where games more than ever lend themselves to long nights of uninterrupted gaming goodness, something as rare as finding Gjallarhorn on your first ever exotic drop for a couple of dads (and gamer mums too!) which is why we absolutely had to share this story from Keza Macdonald @ who has just started...

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Is It Worth Getting Excited About The New Cricket Game?

I’m sorry Cricket Australia, the ECB and Big Ant Studios. I just can not get excited about the “big” announcement surrounding the new Ashes cricket game. I simply can not. Don Bradman’s Cricket 2017 has left such a bad taste in my mouth that all this talk about motion capture and blah blah blah concerns me, more than excites me. Of course, Big Ant, the company behind this new Ashes game, made Don Bradman’s Cricket 2017. And all the other Bradman’s before them. If you have in fact missed it, Cricket Australia (of all places) made the big announcement...

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