Author: @dantheinternut

Retro Rocks Review: Leaderboard Golf

This Retro Rocks Review is all about a game that, in my personal opinion, revolutionised the great game of golf in video game form, the same way FIFA has done for soccer and so on and so on. The year was 1986. The young Internut (AKA me) was right into my golf and right into my gaming. I had the Commodore 64, which was cool as, but also had a tape deck, which was lame as. That’s right… I had to load games via a cassette tape… and it took a bloody AGE! Up until 1986, golf hadn’t really...

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Gaming Song: I’m A Gamer

Very early on in the Game On AUS journey, Pete and I sat down to record this little gem. Sure, it’s a little dated now (we have a release date for Halo 6), but it’s fun all the same, right? Watch I’m A Gamer Written by:...

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Someone Built An Old School NES Out Of Lego And It’s Brilliant

A legend has done what we all wish we’d thought of, and built an old school Nintendo out of Lego like blocks and shared it with the world. What’s more, it bloody works like a NES – thanks to a Raspberry Pi motherboard. Said legend – Lazy Game Reviews (real name Clint Basinger) – shared his experience on Youtube and it’s fair to say, there’s a few of us here at Game On AUS who are frothing to give this a go. Epic, right? Of course, he did make a full length version of the build as well,...

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