Author: @dantheinternut

Where’s My Decent Bloody Cricket Game?

Look, we make no secret on the Game On Australia podcast that I am a gamer with, hhmmmm, shall we call it, experience. Put it this way… I know what a Pong is and have actually seen it being played in action. So, with my pedigree, I’ve played A LOT of games. One type I haven’t played a lot of though, over all those years, are cricket games. Pretty much because there ain’t that many to play. Back in the day (mid ‘80s), the one game I played a bit of was Graham Gooch’s Test Cricket. YES, they made...

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I’ll Be Your, Gamer Tonight!

We’re lovers… not fighters (well, only when we’re playing Super Smash Bros). So we wrote this little ditty for Valentine’s Day this year. We know we’re biased, but we think it contains one of the greatest lines ever written in contemporary music. “Grab the Doritos, and the Mountain Dew… We’ll capture the point, then I’ll be mounting you” Pure genius...

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Welcome to Game On Australia… Online

Welcome to Game On Australia… the website is finally live. We’re the little podcast that could, trying to spread the good word of gaming and all the goodness it brings to the world. Featuring two long time gamers, Pete Curulli and Dan The Internut, we explore everything and anything to do with gaming. Sure, we talk about actual games, but we also go deeper into things. You know, things like whether Doritos and Mountain Dew is actually the best gaming snack known to man (it is). Of course, things have been on the up and up for us. We’ll...

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