Author: Dylan Cook

Damsel Review

This article was originally published on on 19 Oct 2018 Unlike the old cliché, Damsel is not a game that needs any assistance to kick ass. This confident debut from Australian developer Screwtape Studios has recently left Steam’s Early Access and manages to distil the essence of what makes the games it is emulating so well loved, wrapped up in a stylish exterior. With a level design philosophy that will remind older gamers of titles like Bombjack, Damsel is very clear in its intention to be arcade-style fun first and foremost. A 2D action platformer, players control the...

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Digital Tsundoku, Or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Backlog

One of the beautiful things about studying foreign languages is that you discover a lot of phrases built to concisely convey concepts that English doesn’t have a translation for. Japanese is a gold mine in this regard. Boketto describes the act of gazing listlessly into the distance without thinking. Koi No Yokan is the feeling that you will eventually fall in love with someone that you just met. One of my favourites though, is Tsundoku. A contraction of tsunde-oku, meaning to pile things up and leave them for later, and dokusho, the act of reading books, it describes a...

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F1 Review

In an industry where high-production value games are marketed to the widest possible audiences, it’s refreshing to play something as focused as F1 2018. Codemasters latest entry into the franchise is a game designed from the ground up to satiate fans of Formula One racing. And while those who err more on the side of arcade racers will come up against a steep learning curve, there’s eventually a good time to be found here for everyone. There aren’t currently any developers out there that can compete with the pedigree of Codemasters racing game output. Their 30 years of experience...

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