Welcome to B4UPlay! Your ideal destination for all things sequels and prequels. To help get your priorities straight, we thought it would be awesome to bring you insight reviews of original titles as we get ourselves warmed up for everything coming up and to get you ready for your next pre-order! Today we bring you a checklist of things you should know and prepare for when Bungie kicks off the second year of Destiny 2 with its highly anticipated expansion, Forsaken.


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With less than two weeks to go, the sci-fi shooter Destiny 2 is in a very interesting state with the first expansion, Curse of Osiris, being widely recognised as disappointing to say the least. The second expansion, Warmind, has done a much better job at engaging the community with a lot more content both PvE and PvP with multiple events and quests that have well and truly brought the grind back. As a hardened grizzled veteran of Destiny, I thought I’d bring you some information, tips and tricks that will set you up for success come September 4!


Power Level

Let’s start with the obvious. The current level cap is 30 with a light level of 405 (which can only be hit via prestige raid lairs)  and you’ll want to be as close to this level as you can when Forsaken drops. Why you ask? Well the new level cap will max out at 50 with max light being 600. So, take advantage of the next two weeks of milestones and try and increase that cap as much as you can. Once Forsaken drops, my best bit of advice to level up quickly is depending on what the first week’s public event milestone is, go to either The EDZ or Nessus where there are a tonne of public events that spawn back to back, so that you can grind that level cap up to whatever the new soft cap is by wearing and using the blue equipment that drops.

Once you hit that soft cap, this is where you want to start looking at your milestones. The most efficient and quickest way to increase that light level cap is to get your fireteam together and hit those raids. In our clan we run standard raids, prestige raids and then the milestones, one at a time as you go. That way you can infuse as much gear as you can so the next milestone will drop at another higher level. For example, once you have finished all your raiding which will drop the highest amount of high level gear, infuse and then hit up your first milestone, cash it in, infuse again, move onto the next milestone and rinse and repeat until your finished. Follow that method and you’ll jump up in power in no time to help you get ready for The Dreaming City and the secrets it holds!


Weapon Preparation and Vault Cleanout

Over the next two weeks you’ll want to start getting your ducks in a row about what weapons you’ll want to bring with you into Forsaken and how to optimise the space in your vault. There are some big changes coming which are summed up from the August 9th edition of “This Week at Bungie”.


“Between now and the preload on August 28, use your Year 1 mods to lock in the elemental damage type you want for your Year 1 weapons. They will retain that damage type after the mod deprecation. On August 28, the old mod slot will go away, and you will no longer be able to insert any mods into Year 1 gear or change the elemental damage type. Some weapons will be moving to the Kinetic Slot and will not retain elemental damage regardless of what mod you had applied. The IKELOS Sniper Rifle and Shotgun will be locked to Solar. Here are the legendary weapons that will be moving to Kinetic:


  • Baligant
  • Shepherd’s Watch
  • Hawthorne’s Field-Forged Shotgun
  • Alone as a God
  • Perfect Paradox
  • The Frigid Jackal
  • Silicon Neuroma”


Consider locking your most powerful weapons to void so that way you can take advantage of the damage increase that the Tractor Cannon gives. The being said running multiple weapon archetypes with different elements is also a must have. For example high impact scout rifles such as Manannan SR4, Pleiades Corrector or Eternal Blazon would be ideal to have one of each for the element locks otherwise element lock your favorites so you can change for the element burn for the week.


When it comes to precious vault space, there will be an increase in space when Forsaken drops, but feel free to start dismantling any weapons, armour and other gear you may be storing now. It has been confirmed by Bungie that anything that has been dismantled since Warmind has dropped will be available in the new Collections tab in the new menu systems. Unsure of what you have unlocked? Check out https:/destinysets.com/ for a great checklist of everything you have acquired in the last year. One final point with weapon slot changes is to make sure your post master is free and clear of old items you may have stored in there. This is because any of those above mentioned weapons will automatically move to the postmaster if there’s no space in the kinetic slots.


Material Collections

Start collecting planetary materials now!!! It’s been confirmed that the token system is getting a complete rework and will no longer be the key to increasing reputation around the Destiny 2 universe except for Iron Banner, Vanguard and Crucible. The tokens that you own now can still be used but in order to increase reputation once you have used them all, the planetary materials will be needed for reputation increases as well as weapon and armour infusing. Gunsmith materials will get a slight tweak as well with the reputation levels increasing from 40 parts to 100 parts to go up a level.


Whisper, EP and LFG

A couple of weeks ago we were given arguably one of the coolest quests in the franchise’s history that rewarded the strongest weapon available in D2, “Whisper of the Worm”. The quest is only available for a limited time each week (Friday reset to Monday reset), and can only be found on Io in the Lost Oasis when the taken blight public event spawns. Once the quest is activated you have 20 minutes to complete it with your fireteam and if unsuccessful you’ll need to wait for the next blight event to take place in that one specific area. This weapon is a must-have going into Forsaken.



Speaking of must-have weapons, the IKELOS shotgun is right up there with the most desired weapons going around. It is an absolute boss-melting beast that can only drop from completing Level 7 Escalation Protocols. Now, there is some RNG to it as it is available most weeks but be aware, there is a weekly rotation of which weapon is available, but if you’re after it right now you’re in luck as it is the ONLY IKELOS weapon dropping this week. The weekly rotation over 5 weeks is

  • Shotgun
  • SMG
  • Sniper
  • All Weapons
  • All Weapons

Obviously with these weapons, unless you’re someone like the mighty Slayerage, you won’t be able to get them by yourself, so get a fireteam together or do as I have done recently and look into the LFG’s (looking for group) available throughout the Destiny 2 community. Some groups are hit and miss but from what I’ve seen recently, the community seems pretty positive in helping people who are after these weapons, so jump in the group, chuck on your headphones and give it a crack!


Cayde 6

This isn’t really a necessity but let’s be honest, unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock the news of Cayde 6’s fate in Forsaken will be no surprise, so go see him a couple of times before he’s gone.



There’s still a ton more that you can do in order to get ready for Forsaken and if you’ve taken a break since Curse of Osiris now is the perfect time to jump back in. Year two of Destiny 2 is shaping up to be massive!


Destiny 2 Forsaken releases on PS4, Xbox1 and PC on September 4. Please check your platforms stores for prices.


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