Thanks to our friends at Xbox and the very generous Game On AUS team, we’ve pulled together a tonne of instant prizes that you can win just by subscribing to the GOA official twitch channel! It doesn’t matter what tier you subscribe at, every GOA twitch subscriber is eligible to win any of the above prizes, and remember that if you have an Amazon Prime/Twitch Prime subscription – you’ve got a free twitch sub up your sleeve!

Our first winner was Simone “Simmy” Rogers and here’s what she had to say about being the first winner from the GOA Wheel of Keys!

A couple of weeks ago while I was watching PUBG Casuals on Twitch on a Friday night, I was lucky enough to be chosen for the Wheel of Keys spin, and my prize was a key for a Steam game. I was so excited to see what game was going to be randomly chosen. I received a message from Chris as soon as the stream ended with a key for Last Day of June. I love puzzle games so I couldn’t wait to get stuck into it.

About the game:

Last Day of June is an adventure puzzle game that was released in August 2017. When you first start the game you play as June, the wife of the main character Carl, and you are able to explore their house and the different rooms. You are prompted to interact with a present, with which June is trying to find a way to surprise Carl. In the end, they end up down where they first met, at the pier. Carl and June are seen sitting on the pier when it starts raining and you head up to the car to drive home, when tragedy strikes.

You continue the story back at the house where you now control a wheelchair-bound Carl. You must explore past memories to try change the course of history to prevent the tragedy. Throughout the game you witness several characters including the Best Friend, the Kid, the Hunter and the Old Man and how their interactions are intertwined with the outcome. Each time you solve a scenario, you wonder what consequences or opportunities will present themselves next.

Overall thoughts:

The design of the game and the characters are very interesting. My first thought was they were very Jack Skellington-like with the big heads, long bodies and limbs. The colours in the game are very bright during the different scenarios as well as dark and dreary during the raining cut scenes. One thing I would have changed/added would be a way to skip the cutscenes you have already seen, as they become very repetitive after a while given there is no way to skip them.

Overall, Last Day of June is a great puzzle game that gets you thinking about what small changes you need to make as each character, in order to attempt to change history and prevent tragedy. Its a sad and emotional game at times, mixed with moments of trying to be the hero.

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