An encore has been booked to go live on Fortnite at 3pm AWST/6pm AEDT

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Fortnite just keeps setting the bar!

Christopher Comstock, aka Marshmello, is an international DJ and music producer whose wiki says he gained recognition from his incredible remixes of songs by other international artists… which is bollocks – we all know he really gained recognition when he started playing Fortnite and partnering up with twitch streamers like Ninja!

Now those cheekily clever Fortnite devs have taken his, and their popularity, to the next level by holding what may very well be the first ever in-game concert!

Today Marshmello played a 10 minute set in Fortnite, complete with a stage, dance pit, and full on lighting, you can check out the vid below for the full concert:

It got us thinking, who would you want to say play an in-game concert and what would the best game for their concert be?

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