There’s nothing better than getting a good deal for a game that you’ve been chasing for a while. Using wishlists is a one way be notified when a deal is available, but they can be hit and miss.  I’ll sift through my sources and chuck deals up I think are worth your time. A few small caveats to think on as there are traps. Deals will expire, be region locked, ask for you to sign into their website using your Steam, Playstation XBOX account etc. Require you to fill out a questionnaire. But, for a few minutes of stuffing around you can save your dosh, which can equate to buying more games.

Bioshock Infinite

75% off, $9.99USD – PC – Ends on the 29th

For Honor – Standard Edition

75%off, $17.48USD – PC – Ends of the 28th of  August – Starter Edition is free

Old Man’s Journey

30% off, $10.45AUD – Playstation – 30th of August

Written by Adam “Bruce L33t” Lamotte

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