As we steadily approach the February 15 launch of the latest installment of 4A Games’ Metro series, Microsoft have put together a beauty of an Xbox deal. Along with the 1TB Xbox One X console and wireless controller, you’ll also get a 1-month trial to Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold, but this isn’t even the best bit. You’ll also be getting full-game downloads of Metro 2033 Redux, Metro Last Light Redux, as well as your very own copy of Metro Exodus. All of this has been packaged for your gaming pleasure in anticipation of this awesome post-apocalyptic survival FPS and is available through the Microsoft Store for AUD$649.

This Metro Xbox One X deal will see you embark on an incredible journey to explore the Russian wilderness withawesome day/night cycles and dynamic weather, all in the comfort of your own gaming command centre. You’ll need to scavenge items in the field to craft hand-made weapons, and ammo is the scarcest commodity so must be used wisely.

4A Game has released a new story trailer which you can view below – amazing! I cannot wait to play Metro on the Xbox One X!

You can check out the Metro Xbox One X bundle through the Microsoft store.


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