This week, in the much anticipated lead-up to yet another ripping movie from the Star Wars universe, Solo, Pete caught up with Star Wars artist Mark Raats.

He’s one of the guys that create those iconic Star Wars posters that we all know and love, and in Solo’s case, yep, he’s the legend that created the poster artwork.

What an extraordinary day! To celebrate the release of SOLO: A Star Wars Story, I had an incredible 1v1 with @mark_raats! Mark's an artist and illustrator with a long history of working in the film industry, in particular STAR WARS, having done heaps of the movie artwork you've seen up in lights over the years! He is as gracious as he is talented, one of the most enjoyable 1v1's I've had the pleasure of being a part of. Look out for it at, and their facebook pages, aswell as Big thanks to Mark for his time, and @natashalouiseenterprises for teeing it up. Solo: A Star Wars story is out next week, with a midnight session where you can win the original SOLO painting Mark did if you book in at @event_cinemas @disneyaunz @starwars @starwarsmovies #starwars #solo #eventcinemas

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The good news for Game On Aus is that Mark lives right here in Perth, and thanks to Tash at Natasha Louise Enterprises, Pete got the chance to meet him and have a half an hour chat about all things Star Wars.

The better news is that we filmed the entire thing – and here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks again to Mark for just being so bloody awesome… and bring on Solo! Can’t bloody wait!

Written by: @dantheinternut