So… with the news that Mass Effect has its own day, Pete and I got chatting about what other games deserve their own day to commemorate just how bloody great they were.

We arrived very quickly at one game… the classic, Goldeneye!

No brainer right there, right?

So with that decided really quickly, it came down to what day… Pete, of course, insisted that the actual date had to somehow reflect old mate 007… but we couldn’t really work out how to do that.

So, I took it the other way. Why not make it about Oddjob – bloody Oddjob – and make it April Fools? Seeing that’s how you felt when some bastard you were playing against decided to go Oddjob.

That little suggestion led to this eureka moment.

Make World Goldeneye Day the 7th day (007) of the shortest month in the year (Oddjob)…

So – ladies and gentlemen gamers – may we suggest that the 7th of February, each and every year, becomes World Goldeneye Day?

Let’s make it happen! If Mass Effect gets its own day, surely Goldeneye gets one?


Written by: @dantheinternut

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