Today’s #GOAtop3 is a little different.

Damn you Spider-Man for taking the world by storm!

You’re either playing it, or know someone who is bragging about playing it.

Selfies are appearing EVERYWHERE! And we’re not talking about the one’s from the game’s own selfie engine… here’s to you GOA’s own Garbz!

We know what you want, and we’ve got the goods – today’s #GOAtop3 is a round-up of the best 3 Spidey stories we’ve come across in the last 24 hours.

#1 – all spidey-suits and where they fit into Spidey’s lore

If you’re any type of super-hero fan, you’re going to be into the history of the character you’re playing – Spidey, and his suits, are steeped in history through multiple story-lines and universes. Polygon has done an awesome wrap of every Spidey suit in the new game and where it fits into Spider-Man’s history.

#2 – but where do I get those suits?

That’s an appropriate follow up question to the first story. I haven’t read this story myself but it was passed onto me by another GOA community member with the suggestion that I do. I prefer to stumble upon the secrets in the game organically but if you are someone who wants to collect every suit the moment you fire up Spider-Man, you’ll find IGN’s Spider-Man suits guide really helpful!

#3 – Easter Eggs galore!

You’d expect a MARVEL game to be absolutely riddled with nods to the universe it came from. Spider-Man is choc full of them. I’ve spent the most time just swinging through the city trying to find them but if you’re looking to start your own Spidey tour company, this guide is for you. has compiled a pretty extensive list of the coolest Easter Eggs they’ve found so far featuring pics and how to get to them yourself.

That’s it for today’s #GOAtop3 – if you find any other great Spidey stuff, be sure to send them our way at the Game On AUS facebook page!


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