These are the top 3 things gamers should check out today!

We’ll know what Rocksteady’s next Triple A title is soon enough.

Our GOA spies have come across something pretty telling over at Rocksteady’s website, new job listings. The listings ask for a range of new team members for a “highly anticipated upcoming AAA title,” including community managers, art, animation, story, and even a QA tester. Most listings are for 2+ year contracts so we can discern that Rocksteady will at least be working on this next title through 2020, but job listings generally mean announcements aren’t far behind. Could it be another Batman game? Here’s hoping.

Battlefield 5 will be lacking a lot of content at release.

John Papadopoulos is a writer whose stories appear on sites like, and it’s there that he’s written a pretty in-depth article about why you might want to hold off from making that Battlefield V pre-order just yet. If you’ve been sitting on the fence as to whether or not to pull the trigger, check out his article, so you can make a well informed decision.

Spider-Man (PS4) becomes the fastest selling game of 2018.

These figures are coming out of Spidey’s UK sales but that’s usually a pretty good indication of the success of a title. It has managed to beat the previous record-holder Far Cry 5 by a narrow margin, but what makes that incredibly impressive (or should we say amazing?) is that Spider-man is a PS4 exclusive whereas FC5 was available on just about everything that has a controller attached to it. It’s also sold double that of God of War, and has now overtaken LEGO Marvel Super Heroes as the fastest-selling Marvel branded game.

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