FBE is a YouTube Channel whose flagship series I got lost in earlier today whilst procrastinating the afternoon away by disappearing down a block whole of video chains.

The series is called REACT you’ve probably heard of it. It’s a really simple concept where they show millenials old videos on a laptop and capture their reactions.

In this particular episode they took the laptop away and replaced it with a NES – Nintendo Entertainment System, the console that revolutionised home gaming for older gamers like me. (i’m 32 btw..)

The way these kids, one of which is Game of Thrones actor Maisie Williams, react to the NES is hilarious. Finding the tech outrageous and in some cases mistaking it for a VHS player or some sort of “old tape recorder”.

Anyway if you want a bit of a laugh here’s the vid, hopefully it doesn’t make you feel as old as it made me.