In this day and age of Twitch and screen captures, it surprises me that we haven’t had anything that comes close to a Leeeroy Jenkins moment in gaming since, well, the Leeeroy Jenkins moment.

Now – the assumption is that EVERY gamer has seen the Leroy Jenkins moment, but just in case you’re one of the 5 people with internet access in the world who hasn’t seen it, here it is.

It still gets me every time.

SIDENOTE: I actually found 6 gamers who hadn’t seen Leeeroy Jenkins recently. Avid listeners of the Podcast will know I went to a VR Gaming place in Melbourne called Zero Latency… and when we were waiting for out turn to play, I turned to said mates and suggested that no-one go all Leeeroy on us. 6 blank looks later, I pulled out the phone and showed them… too bloody funny!

In any case, I feel like last week, gaming had a real chance to capture the new Leeeroy Jenkins moment, and that is/was the mass killing of Fortniters by the person that now owns the world record for most solo kills in Fortnite, @Elemental_Ray.

Again, for the uninitiated, a group of Fortniters came to some sort of agreed truce in order to build a massive structure into the sky, in the hope of getting a closer look at the rocket launch event that the devs, er, launched last week.

That’s when old mate Ray stepped in. With a rocket launcher and some bloody evil intent.

Now, this is pretty epic. It’s a low blow, but any gamer worth his/her salt will get the humour in it. But to me, it’s missing two crucial elements that would have made it 2018’s version of Leeeroy Jenkins.

  1. You can’t hear anyone chatting… if it had sound, imagine the banter. That’s what made Leeeroy Jenkins so bloody funny, the banter!
  2. We needed footage from Ray himself, plotting and executing his dastardly deed

Regardless, it’s fair to say that old mate has embraced his new found notoriety. His Twitter account is awash with posts, and he’s now resorted to starting a Twitch stream.

You got to give it to Ray… he saw an opportunity and he took it. That’s gaming, right?

And I tell you what… avid listeners slash readers will know that I went out on a limb to bag out Fortnite, only to do a massive backflip and proclaim my love for it… swings and roundabouts, you know πŸ˜‰


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Written by: @dantheinternut