So, fellow gamers, it’s revealed.

The glorious, sexy new XBOX… formerly known as Project Scorpio.

It was revealed at E3 that it will be called XBOX One X, and the specs look pretty bloody good.


Now, we’ve chatted about this before and it begs the question, again.

Is there enough spec and shiny things in this new XBOX to force a potential console swap from a PS4?

My gut feeling is, if it’s not appealing enough for me as an XBOX owner and lover to upgrade at launch, how could Microsoft expect a Playstation tragic to cross over?

Mind you, I’ve only seen their impressive video and some specs. I might change my mind once I see it for realsies, and I find out whether any of the launch games will be worth the coin.

At a price of $500 USD (around $670 AUD), I’m willing to sit and wait.

Written by: @dantheinternut