Phillips Hue Play Giveaway

The Game on AUS 12 Games Of Christmas is back for another festive season. From December 12 through to Christmas Eve, we will be revealing the prizes for each of the Game on AUS 12 Days of Christmas giveaways. Then on Christmas day, every hour on the hour from 6am AWST, a member of the Game on AUS community will be announced the winner of each hour’s prize. For Day 12 of the 12 Games of Christmas giveaways, we’re giving away a Phillips Hue Play LED lightins system (RRP: $219.95 for 2).

We all know PC gamers bloody love their PC gaming, and anything that expands said love of said PC gaming. The Phillips Hue Play is designed to enhance the PC gaming experience like no other before it.

The small, discreet LED lighting system allows gamers to extend the effects of their screen, transforming their entire room into a personal entertainment area.

Like so.

This from the Hue Play press release:

Playing a PC game with the Hue Play, explosions light up the room. Firing effects result in bright strobing stabs of colourful illumination. The gloom of spooky monster-ridden wastelands extend beyond the screen drowning the room in atmospheric greens and blues until a magical exchange of fire and wizardry sees the room awash in vivid pinks and whites.

You’ll find the Philips Hue Play in the lighting, tech or smart home section of your nearest major retailer or consumer electronics stores. For more information, visit

Like we said, it retails at $220 bucks, but we’ve got one as part of the 12 Games Of Christmas giveaway so GAME ON to that!

Full Ts and Cs. Right here.