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Dungeons & Dragons lore and storytelling meets the world’s most popular collectable card game: Magic: the Gathering in the recently released card set Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate. Play as some of the most iconic characters from D&D, personified in their own unique Magic cards, specifically designed for the most social format in any collectable card game: Commander. This article assumes you’ve played and have a basic understanding of Magic: The Gathering, so they’re won’t be an in-depth break-down on game mechanics and concepts (if you are interested, there’s a fantastic introductory guide from Wizards of the Coast available here). It’s been just over two…

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I found myself genuinely surprised in the early hours after Devolver Digital’s recent showcase, as I searched my way through their immense portfolio of indie phenomena. Without even realizing it at the time, I own almost every single one of their published titles, and every single one I own, I absolutely adore. I couldn’t stop my mind from wandering: how do they keep hitting on everything they touch? What is it about their games that hooks their player-base (myself included)? Most importantly, what’s the best of the best that they’ve ever published? I feel I can at least comfortably answer…

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Necesse screenshot

I really don’t know how to open this other than: more people need to be playing Necesse ASAP, it’s my new favourite survival game and it’s almost criminally underappreciated. Let me be as up-front and open as I can. I absolutely love survival games. I completely adore Terraria and Rimworld. Necesse manages to blend all of the best parts of these games together in (what already feels like) a complete package from a top-down perspective. Necesse combat gameplay The world of Necesse is procedurally generated and infinite, which is what provides such a unique gameplay experience with each new playthrough.…

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