Far Cry 6 set for October release

THE next installment in Ubisoft’s exotic settings action-shooter Far Cry series has been given an October 7 launch for PC, Xbox One/X/S and PS4/PS5.

Set in the fictional-but-clearly-inspired-by-Cuba country of Yara, described as “a tropical paradise frozen in time in the heart of the Caribbean”, Far Cry 6 will cast you as Yaran military dropout-turned guerrilla Dani Rojas, who has personal reasons for wanting revenge against the island’s dictator Anton Castillo – played by Giancarlo Esposito, best known for his role as Gus Fring in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

Far Cry 6, Anton Castillo with his son Diego
The game’s main antagonist is Anton Castillo (Giancarlo Esposito), with his teenage son Diego Castillo (Anthony Gonzalez) also playing a key role.

Per the official announcement:

As local Yaran and military dropout Dani Rojas, players will be swept up in the guerrilla movement as the brutality of Antón’s rule reaches new heights and the fire of revolution ignites across the country. Players will be able to choose to play Dani as a woman or a man, and will join forces with a colorful cast of characters, including Clara Garcia, the leader of revolutionary group Libertad, or Juan Cortez, a jaded ex-KGB spy and guerrilla master as they fight their way to take down the tyrant.

To succeed against the overwhelming power of Antón’s army, players will embrace the “resolver” spirit, a philosophy of resourcefulness found across Yara, making use of everything and whatever they have to inflict chaos on the regime. Fueled by the creativity of “resolver” mastermind Juan Cortez, Far Cry 6 features a broad and unexpected arsenal of customisable “resolver” weapons and tools. From a motorcycle engine powered minigun to a homing missile throwing backpack, pushing the “resolver” spirit to the limit will grant Dani the power of an entire guerrilla army.

A first look at the game was streamed by Ubisoft overnight (and covered by our very on Str8JaktJim). As something of a Cold War military enthusiast I was intrigued to see all the Soviet firearms in the gameplay video – besides the ubiquitous Kalashnikov assault rifle, the Makarov pistol, SKS rifle, Stechkin APS machine-pistol and PPSh-41 submachine-gun all made an appearance, along with a range of batshit insane looking home-made weapons including a gun which launches CDs (apparently playing The Macarena) at enemies. The later is apparently available as a pre-order bonus.

There will be some pretty interesting improvised weapons in the game, from the looks of it.

The game will also feature optional two-player co-op and Ubisoft have also confirmed players who buy the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 versions of the game will get a free upgrade to the Series X/S or PlayStation 5 version if they later acquire one of the consoles.

From the official announcement:

Far Cry 6 gives players unprecedented freedom to experience the game the way they want by supporting their playstyle, whether they prefer a stealthy or forceful approach. In addition to resolver options, players will be able to pick traditional weapons and use new ways to traverse the world such as horses, tanks and crazy DIY vehicles. They will also be able to pair up with all-new animal companions like Chorizo, the adorable wiener dog no soldier can ignore or Guapo, Juan’s soldier-hungry pet crocodile.

In solo or two-player co-op, players will explore a vast and contrasted open world, from lush jungles to decaying cities. With Antón’s army controlling the air, roads, and seas, players will operate from hidden guerrilla camps across the country, gathering soldiers and resources while planning their next move. Players will have to navigate the world and approach situations like true guerrilla fighters to make sure every strike against the regime hits hard.

The island of Yara has varied environments, ranging from tropical jungles and swamps to cities which have seen better days.

Development of the game is being led by Ubisoft Toronto in close collaboration with Ubisoft Montreal, assisted by Ubisoft’s Shanghai, Berlin, Kiev, Philippines and Montpellier studios.

In addition to PC and consoles, the game is also being released on Google Stadia and Amazon Luna, neither of which are available in Australia which is why I’m mentioning it down here and not in the lede.

As a massive Far Cry fan I am really looking forward to Far Cry 6 and can’t wait to find out more about the game, its characters, settings – and, most importantly, its gameplay experience.

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