Lenovo Legion Stylish Displays Want To See Your Fan Art Works

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GAMERS are a creative bunch and gaming brand Lenovo Legion knows this – which is why they want to see your artistic skills as part of this month’s #StylishDisplays competition.

This month’s theme: Gaming Fan Art.

Lenovo Legion are calling on artists to submit their gaming-related fan art, whether it’s a pen-and-pencil sketch, lush watercolours of an in-game vista, 3D model character studies, or any other visual art medium. 

Entry into the Stylish Displays competition is simple – just upload an image of your artwork (which includes paintings, drawings, digital/graphic art, photo collages, posters, artistic representations and even sculptures) to the Stylish Displays website.

Show them what you got for your chance to win a Lenovo Legion prize pack valued at up to $500, along with an incredible one-on-one mentorship with award winning, professional artist Oliver Wetter, aka Fantasio.

One of the prizes in this month’s Lenovo Legion Stylish Displays competition is a one-on-one coaching mentorship with award-winning artist Oliver Wetter, aka Fantasio.

Drawing inspiration from everything from Star Wars to Pokemon to Overwatch, Fantasio often incorporates pop culture characters and elements with the style of other artists – such as a painting of the Tardis modelled after a Monet, a series of pieces in the style of iconic pin-up artist Gil Elvgren, or a painting of Circe offering a cup to Pokemon in the style of 19th-century artist John Waterhouse.

Fantasio’s artworks, like this piece, often combine video game and popular culture elements (in this case, Nier: Automata) with classical or traditional artworks and styles.

The Stylish Displays competition is open to Australian & New Zealand residents aged 15 or older, and closes at 11.59pm AEST  on Sunday, March 28 2021 – for more details or to enter, head to the website.

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