Anarchy Online To Get A Fresh Start Server

Funcom today have announced that a new server will be releasing this year for Anarchy Online, a sci-fi MMORPG that originally released in June 2001. A post on their Anarchy Online Facebook page launched the news:

Anarchy Online will join several other games that have recently opened up ‘classic’ servers such as Rift, Lineage II and Lord of the Rings Online throughout 2018, along with World of Warcraft Classic releasing this year.

2018 marked the 17th Anniversary of AO and I downloaded and played it for the first time myself. It was great fun going back in time to when MMORPG’s were still in their youth, with AO being the first sci-fi MMO. It still remains one of only a few successful sci-fi games in the genre, and is still good fun to play today. You can read about my experiences in Part 4 of our MMORPG Memory Lane series. I’ll definitely be firing it up again once the classic server releases. You can keep up with the game news on their official website.


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