Final Telltale Dev Team Laid Off – Future Of The Walking Dead Still In Question

Following the mass layoffs at Telltale Games two weeks ago, the final team members at the developer have been let go.

As of Thursday, the 25-person skeleton crew kept on to finish the final season of Telltale’s flagship series The Walking Dead has been disbanded. As of yet, Telltale has not released a statement.

As Tweeted by Rachel Noel, a narrative designer at Telltale and a survivor of the first round of layoffs in September, the recently fired team were unaware of the fact that their jobs were at risk prior to being let go.

The layoffs of around 250 staffers came as somewhat of a shock to the industry last month, despite reported layoffs at Telltale in 2017. It is still uncertain whether The Walking Dead: The Final Season will ever be released, or completed. Telltale has stated their interest in handing off the project to another developer, but “can’t make any promises”.

Various developers have since expressed interest in hiring those affected. In spite of the troubles Telltale Games may have experienced in the past it is clear their games are produced by skilled and passionate people, and with a love for video game storytelling. We here at Game On AUS sincerely hope those affected by these layoffs manage to land on their feet.


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