FINALLY! Dan Gets His XBOX Series X And Bloody Yes, Here’s The Unboxing

A fateful call from EB Games led to this beautiful moment. Goodbye XBOX One, HELLO XBOX Series X!

It was a sad day around June of this year, when my XBOX One.absolutely carked it.

Like, completely dead! So, we held an open casket funeral.

It was even a sadder day though when I started ringing around looking for an XBOX Series X to fill the void, so to speak. You can’t bloody find them, anywhere.

In stepped a legend called Bear Brain and his boys, who kindly offered me their spare XBOX One to help the gaming love continue on in my time of need.

And two weeks ago, two more legends stepped in to help me find his new XBOX Series X. The Historian and Gammah, who alerted me to a pre-sale avail on EB Games!

$200 deposit later and bang, I’m in the game! Then last weekend, after being advised that I should expect his XBOX around mid-October, I got that fateful, beautiful call that every gamer just bloody loves to get!

“Dan, your XBOX Series X is ready for collection!”

And here we are! Glorious next gen gaming come at me!!!!

I’ve got to say too, the setup was unreal! So bloody easy, I just had to log into my account via the XBOX app and voila, 5 minutes later, it was doing the required updates and I was gaming!

Everything about it is awesome. The graphics, the processing, the load times. MY GOD, the LOAD TIMES!!!

I bought my old XBOX in 2013. Eight years later, I’ve finally upgraded. And I couldn’t be happier! Get on the next gen fellow gamers, if you can 🙂

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