What pissed me off about this picture…

Ladies and gentlemen, from the same idiots who probably brought you such propaganda as:

I scratched my Nintendo Switch screen when I put it in the dock but it’s Nintendo’s fault” (no it’s YOUR fault, figure it out)

Comes this brand new nugget of gold:

Xbox Project Scorpio is going to be so much better than PS4 Pro “cos specs” #bruh

“Cos specs.. bruh”

Now full disclosure, I don’t own an Xbox, I won a Playstation – doesn’t mean I hate Xbox, quite the contrary and in fact this has nothing to do with my love or hate for any console, but rather just achieving some sort of consistency in the way information is pushed to us as the end consumer.

When we see stuff like this I think we all just need to sit down and take a breath for a moment and call it for what it is:

Another opportunity for one side of gaming to take a dirty big dump on the other side like two sides of politics who never agree on anything and that’s why WE have a shit broadband internet network!

Work together so we can achieve the ultimate dream of cross-console multiplayer gaming.

But anyway back to my point..

It’s nice to see specs and all, comparisons are also nice, it gets us all talking – and given the severe lack of exclusives on Xbox at the moment, owners need something to talk about..

My issue with comparisons is that we’re starting to see more examples of products being compared that just shouldn’t be, and it gets worse when idiots use these comparisons to push an agenda with clickbait headlines like “Project Scorpio specs will beat PS4 Pro, claims Microsoft



That’s the general expectation because PS4 Pro has been out for months now and Project Scorpio is still months away, if it’s going to be released at all?!

So wouldn’t it be fair to assume that if we were to have a ‘fair fight’ we might leave that to a time when Microsoft can get in the ring with a Sony that’s pitching specs for a PS5?

At the moment the closest comparison that the PS4 Pro has is Xbox One S – there is your direct comparison because both consoles are ‘mid-generation’ (by the way when did we let companies sell us an UPGRADE priced like it’s a new console?.. but that’s another story..)

This is the same lesson I’m hoping you pick up on if you’re thinking of buying a Nintendo Switch, don’t let a headline dictate how you consume your games and your consoles. I have a Nintendo Switch and have had one since launch day because I don’t believe the hype or propaganda. If a console fucks up, I want it to be because of something I did to it, rather than getting sucked into the 0.001% of people who jam their Switch consoles into the dock and then blame Nintendo for the screen scratches.

Don’t get sucked into the headlines and the bullshit – a mid-gen vs a next gen is not a comparison we should be interested in, Microsoft isn’t ‘beating’ Playstation or Nintendo if they’re deciding to release a console months and months after their competition, all they’re doing is starting the next generational cycle, and we’ll take the comparisons when the other companies join the race.

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