My Daughter Accidentally Downloaded A Game!

I’m not even mad, that’s amazing.

“Oh ohhh” are the words I heard come from my little miss version 3.5 lastnight as I heard that all too familiar “click” sound of my Nintendo Switch fire up in the other room. I was busy cooking dinner, and over the boiling of the pasta I held my breath and listened closer as the iconic sound of the orange squares waving left to right to left signaled the opening of the Nintendo store.

I suppose you might be thinking at this point why didn’t I stop her? Not going to lie, part of me was actually hoping something like this would happen eventually. It’s what I’ve been training her for her entire short life.

I don’t know how things are going in your Covid-19 Iso bound life at the moment but we’ve experienced a few cuts to our income over the last month, and of course gaming is the first thing on the chopping block when it comes to household expenses. My wife and I have never quite been able to agree on my point that it’s a necessity, up there with fresh fruit and veggies, and toilet paper.

I’m a little light on for fresh games right now, so if my daughter accidentally buys one or two, or seven, I’m fine with that. The only problem is that it’s turning into a game of purchase roulette – I never quite know what she’s about to send to my PayPal next, and I’m not talking about the size of the transaction, rather how sh*t the title might be. I bought Super Bomberman R on release as a cartridge, I didn’t need that bomb again and certainly not at the inflated digital price but here we are.

SB-R is BAD!

We ran (my wife quicker than me) to the next room to see that she’d bought Bastion, a complete ARPG throwback from Supergiant Games that was originally published in 2011 and recently released for Switch, I’d heard of it but never played it.

After my wife stopped scolding our daughter and walked back to the kitchen I knelt down and with a wink and a smile politely told her to “never do that again that’s naughty.”

I’m a breakfast radio announcer so not long after we finish dinner and put the girls to bed our routine will be for my wife to jump on the couch while I head to the bedroom for some last minute news reading, a cheeky netflix show, or a bit of gaming to wind down – this time I had Bastion to look forward to.

Bastion is GOOD!

Fifteen minutes into the game and I had half a mind to go wake my daughter up and say thank you. The game is good, like really good. I won’t dive into a review, it’s been around that long there are plenty more reviewers out there better at telling you why it’s worth the average 9/10 scores it gets, but if you have a Switch and have never played it pick it up – best part is she got it on sale!

Game on legends!