Gaming Marathons And Why They Set Up Gamers With Life Skills 😎

As many of you may or may not know, our Pete Curulli performed a radio (day job) miracle last week by anchoring a 27 hour straight shift with his breakfast show.

Now, having witnessed the end of their shift, one member of the Hit92.9 breakfast team stood head and shoulders above the rest in how they handled such a mammoth stretch of being “on”.

Yes, that person was our resident gamer, one Peter Charles Curulli.

Ep 160 of the GOA podcast is dedicated, therefore, to the truly great gaming marathons that every gamer worth their salt has experienced. What better discipline can set you up for a mass burst of no sleep than gaming? We ask you?

As you’ll hear, I have enjoyed many gaming marathons in my time. My most memorable one though was the time me and my school mates decided to host a “gaming olympics” at my parents’ house.

The year was 1988. Year 10 school holidays.

Our “marathon” started at 3 in the arvo and from my recollection, ended at 5pm the next day, when my mates’ folks came to pick them all up, exhausted!

The premise was simple. We all got to pick one game, and one game only on the Commodore 64. Over that evening, we’d host a one on one round robin (over many rounds) to determine who amongst us was the king of gamers!

Your choice of game was so bloody strategic. You had to pick a game you knew you’d dominate at, as sure as shit, my fellow competitors were doing the same.

I went with World Series Baseball. I wasn’t a huge baseball fan but I knew I’d have the edge over most of my enemies mates in this old classic.

There’s a few things I remember about this evening:

  1. This evening taught me a life lesson about gaming under pressure. Bloody hell, it was intense.
  2. You have to treat gaming marathons as exactly that. You sprint in an event like this and you’re knackered.
  3. All strategy goes out the door when you lose unexpectedly in another one of your pet games, Dr Julius and Larry Bird’s One On One.
  4. Drinking 24 cans of Royal Crown Cola in less than 24 hours leads to an even more intense experience on the toilet.
  5. 26 hours of continual gameplay is f*cking awesome fun, which also leads to an intense sleep once you finally get to bed.

I can’t actually remember who won, after all these years. All I remember is the absolute masterstroke “me mate Dave” played in picking his game.

He’s an extremely smart bugger, and uber competitive. He threw all gaming credibility and smarts out the front door when he went into the tournament with this prick of a game.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Pooyan.

God, the worst game ever invented! My mate Dave absolutely DOMINATED this game and, unexpectedly, led the leaderboard for quite some time as a result.

Smart, smart move. The bastard!

Written by: @dantheinternut

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