Hey Gaming. You’re The One Thing Keeping Me Sane In These Crazy, Crazy Times So, Thanks! 😘

Look, let’s be blunt. These are unprecedented times and quite frankly, they’re really starting to get me down.

I’m currently in day 8 of self isolation, mainly because I developed a sore throat a week or so ago and thought it best not to risk it.

Eight days in, confined to a small house with three kids running riot, yeah, I’m over it.

Not just all that stuff, but what’s going on in the world at the moment. Even the most hardened of people couldn’t deny the emotional impact this is having on us all.

It fucking sucks! As simple as that.

Some weeks ago Pete and I joked about how a society sent into lockdown would be an epic thing for gamers. I gotta say, I sort of regret making that joke now, because this situation has made me realise how important it is to get outside and to connect with people. It really has.

I tell you one thing though, something we did joke about but has become a literal lifesaver for me.

Gaming is 110% keeping me sane in these crazy, crazy times.

Being stuck in or around the house, each day, is tempered by the sweet 3 or so hours I get every night to do some bloody gaming.

I reckon we all need something to look forward to and right now, gaming’s it for me, as I’m sure it is for anyone still reading this article and not currently bloody gaming.

Like I said before, Pete and I joked about gamers prepping for something like this their whole life. This from the same bloke who constantly reminds his kids the importance of balance in their lives.

Right now, I get it more than ever. Gaming is omnipresent in my life and as much as I love that, I’m craving the shit I can’t do right now.

Still, come 8pm tonight, I’ll be immune to the current shitstorm in the world and doing some bloody gaming. It’s now, more than ever, that I’m stoked to be a gamer!