New Beats Coming to NBA 2K20

Back in July we reported on NBA 2K20‘s bangin’ soundtrack that boasted 50 tracks with additional songs to come. The 10 winners of the global contest have recently been revealed by 2K and UnitedMasters out of a whopping 10,000+ entries.

“2K is proud to be a leading music platform for established and up-and-coming artists,” said Alfie Brody, vice president of marketing for NBA 2K. “We strongly feel that music is integral to the NBA 2K experience and we are excited to offer our players a dynamically updated in-game soundtrack, which now includes these aspiring artists.”

The winning artists/songs, which can be heard both in-game and Spotify, include:

·       570JV – “My Soul”;

·       Anonymuz – “Rockstar:

·       AkinG Kalld Pedro – “Traffic Jam”;

·       Bravo – “Diamonds”;

·       Fourtee – “Freeze”;

·       Lee Bezel – “Big Duffy”;

·       Q – “I Might Slip Away If I Don’t Feel Nothing”;

·       Quantrelle – “Momentum”;

·       Rif – “Kites”;

·       Swoosh God – “Just Do It”

“The NBA 2K soundtrack consistently showcases the best artists, and we’re excited that these UnitedMasters artists have the opportunity to bring their music to millions of new listeners. We expect that this is just the beginning for these talented musicians,” said Steve Stoute, founder and CEO of UnitedMasters. “We’re very proud to work with such a culturally significant and influential game like NBA 2K to showcase these artists and can’t wait for the millions of gamers to hear the next generation of music talent.”

“Music and basketball were always an important part of my life. I think what Steve is doing at UnitedMasters is amazing. If I can help put these talented artists with NBA 2K then it’s all comes full circle to music and ball for me,” said Kevin Durant.

Upon hearing he would be featured on the soundtrack, UM Artist Quantrelle added“I thought it was dope because I planned on using a different distribution service to get my music out, but management suggested UnitedMasters and to see what they have done with momentum is a true testament on how UnitedMasters can help propel your career.”

UM Artist Fourtee reacted upon hearing the news said, “Honestly, it was an out of body experience. It felt unreal, but thank God I have really high expectations for my music.”

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