New Civilizations Revealed for Civ VI

NEW Frontier Pass DLC content for Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is yet to slow down fans from having one more turn. The dev team are about to roll out Pack #3 on September 24 which will include two new civilizations, an optional game mode for expansion owners and much more.

Not much is being shared by the team about Byzantium, Gaul or their respective leaders just yet. More about them is yet to come in their First Look trailers. Pack #3 will also allow New Frontier Pass owners to play on a new map, the Highlands. This new map script is made up of mostly hills and mountains and will surely change up how you build your civilization. Two new World Wonders are also available, the Bioshpere and Statue of Zeus.

A new game mode called Dramatic Ages has been made for those who also own either the Ride & Fall or Gathering Storm expansions. Dramatic Ages will place players in either the Dark or Golden Age every time they enter an era. It will also allow more potent bonuses and penalties. For more in-depth look at the new Civilization VI, check out the video below.