Destiny 2 logo as released on the official Destiny twitter

Official Destiny 2 logo released!

For a few weeks now we’ve heard whispers that Destiny 2 is coming and the thing we’re most excited about is the promise to deliver a better experience for “hardcore and casual gamers alike”.

This is a huge thing for Destiny gamers, as many would have experienced how easy it was to fall behind as new DLC’s were released coupled with how incredibly horrendous the grind for gear and light level was.

What we’re hoping for is that if we don’t have the time to grind away, we’re not going to be left behind on loot and levels like in the first Destiny..

In the meantime, the official logo was released today on Destiny’s twitter and whilst it doesn’t show much, we can see a giant orb behind the glowing “2” – could this mean that the Traveller is back?

Destiny 2 logo as released on the official Destiny twitter

And with the promise of more effort into the story and lore behind the game, we’re also hoping for more information about the Traveller itself/himself/that big glowing thing that speaks through the Casey Jones lookalike guy..

“Hi! I’m the Speaker, but you may remember me from such things as every Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ever… now go get that raid gear guardian dudes!”

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