Pokemon Presents 26th February 2021

Pokemon Presents 25th Anniversary Swag

It’s 11pm on a Friday and while I’m sitting in my office alone there’s a regular crowd shuffling in to watch the latest Pokemon Presents video from The Pokemon Company. In Japan it’s just ticked past midnight and on to the 27th of February, the date that Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green launched back in 1996. Fittingly this is when The Pokemon Company has chosen to air its latest Pokemon Presents. Pokemon fans everywhere wait with baited breath to see what could be announced. It’s been just over a week since the last Nintendo Direct and with no mention of Pokemon there, antipation is building.

The Pokemon Presents starts very simply: a black background with The Pokemon Company in white text in the middle of the screen. Then, it starts: a five and a half minute clip celebrating the last 25 years of Pokemon, from the original games Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green to the latest Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, with all the wonderful and wacky releases in between. It’s a marvelous retrospective on such an enduring franchise.

President and CEO of The Pokemon Company Tsunekazu Ishihara gave an introduction, thanking players for their support of not only the games, but also the card games and events, before handing over to Chief Operation Officer of The Pokemon Company Takato Utsunomiya.

Takato Utsunomiya sitting at a desk in front of many Pokemon items.

Utsunomiya presented an update for New Pokemon Snap, announced in June 2020. New gameplay footage was shown of the Lentil region and its Pokemon. The clip also showed off how you can edit and share photos with others online. New Pokemon Snap launches on the 20th April 2021 with pre-orders available now.

The Pokemon Presents then showed various limited time events for Pokemon Day such as:

  • Special max raid battles featuring gigantic Pikachu in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield
  • Log into Pokemon Cafe Mix and receive 2,500 golden acorns
  • A Kanto themed celebration in Pokemon Go, with Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres and Mewtwo appearing in legendary raids
  • Pokemon Masters EX welcomes Galar region champion Leon and his partner Pokemon Charizard
Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl Releasing Worldwise in Late 2021

Welcome news for fans of 2007’s Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl, they’re getting remakes as Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl. Revisit the Sinoh region with these re-releases. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl will be released in late 2021.

In other Sinoh region news, Pokemon Legends Arceus will be arriving in early 2022. Take a trip back in time as you work to create the first Sinoh region Pokedex. It looks to be an open world action RPG with slightly different elements to the mainline Pokemon games.

Desk with an oil lamp and old books on it, along with very early Pokeballs

That concluded the Pokemon Presents. What did you think? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook.

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