Samsung announce Smart Monitors coming to Australia

SMART TVs have come with apps for things like Netflix, Stan, YouTube and the weather for some years now – and Samsung are bringing the same experience to computer monitors in Australia.

The electronics manufacturer has announced what they are pitching as “the world’s first ‘do it all screen’” in the form of the Samsung Smart Monitor, which the company describes as “an innovative, do-it-all screen that brings together an unprecedented suite of features for work, learning and entertainment in a single display”.

The monitors were announced last year but are now confirmed to be coming to Australia in February.

The Samsung Smart Monitors combine the benefits of a computer monitor with some of the capabilities of a Smart TV.

According to the official announcement:

“Designed to meet the new needs of today’s consumers, who work, learn and consume entertainment content at home, Samsung Smart Monitor has powerful mobile and PC connectivity, remote home office and learning features as well as Smart Hub, a comprehensive entertainment hub that is similar to Samsung’s Smart TV platform”.

It sounds a lot like a monitor-sized smart TV without the RF input, which could be very attractive for a range of people who need more than a tablet but don’t necessarily need a full laptop or desktop rig.

The Samsung Smart Monitor will be available in two models and two sizes when it launches in Australia next month: The M7, which has a 32in screen and supports Ultra-High Definition, and the M5, which is Full High Definition and available in either 32in or 27in sizes.

The M7 will have an RRP of AUD$699, while the M5 will have an RRP of AUD$399 for the 27in screen and AUD$499 for the 32in screen.

The monitors will be available in two models and two sizes, including an Ultra HD 32in configuration.

Samsung Australia consumer electronics head Jeremy Senior said the Smart Monitor had been dsigned to keep up with the evolving way technology performs in people’s homes.

“With the Samsung Smart Monitor, people no longer have to choose between a screen for work and learning and another for enjoying TV, movies and more,” he said.

“Using the M7 and M5 Smart Monitors you can get work done without a PC using Microsoft Office 365, remote access or via DeX, then switch to entertainment with the on-board Smart Hub that comes with your favourite streaming services.”

More information on the monitors is here: