Sony announce PlayStation 5-ready Bravia TVs

GIVEN Sony make excellent TVs as well as their excellent game consoles, it’s always surprised me they haven’t generally officially connected the two in a prominent way.

I can tell you from personal experience that the PlayStation 4 Pro works extremely well with a Bravia 4K TV, but despite both products being made by the same parent company, there obvious pairing wasn’t given much prominence from a marketing or point of sale perspective – at least from what I saw.

That’s all changing now, as Sony have announced the its upcoming Bravia TVs, set for launch here in September, are indeed “Ready For PlayStation 5”, with the tagline created to help consumers “select the optimum TV in preparation for the highly anticipated launch of PlayStation 5”, according to Sony. 

Sony say the “Ready for PlayStation 5” Bravia X90H TV displays gameplay images of up to 4K resolution at 120 fps with a 7.2ms input lag

As per the official announcement:

The first ‘Ready for PlayStation 5’ TVs from Sony includes the standout X90H 4K HDR Full Array LED and Z8H 8K HDR Full Array LED models.

The X90H displays gameplay images of up to 4K resolution at 120 fps with a very low input lag of 7.2ms. The Z8H is capable of displaying incredibly detailed 8K resolution images while also showcasing 4K resolution gameplay images at super-smooth 120 fps2 (supporting spec varies by PS5 game). Both TVs will provide extremely smooth gaming experiences with the PS5 console.

‘Ready for PlayStation 5’ TV models also boast Bravia Game Mode, which allows users to automatically play games on the PS5 console with low latency. Thanks to Bravia Game Mode, users can wake both TV and PS5 with the DualSense wireless controller at once, while also seamlessly control their PS5 using just the TV remote.

Sony’s TVs deliver beautiful pictures with vibrant colour and stunning contrast, thanks to the best-in-class family of X1 processors.

According to Sony, the Z8H is capable of displaying 8K resolution images while also showcasing 4K resolution gameplay images at 120 fps, depending on the PlayStation 5 game.

Additionally, powerful sound that comes directly from the TV screen creates a highly realistic and captivating viewing experience. With Sony’s cutting-edge proprietary technologies, users can become fully immersed in the true next-generation level of transformative play offered by PS5.  

Sony, together with SIE, will continue to provide the ultimate gaming experience to PlayStation fans around the world with ‘One Sony’, a unique collaboration of creativity and technology across Sony entities.

The PlayStation 5 is due out in the lead up to Christmas so it makes sense for Sony to be highlighting the connection between it and their Bravia TVs.

It should be noted that while the TVs are absolutely PS5 ready, they are both premium 4K TVs and will therefore also work nicely with a PlayStation 4, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, or any other HDMI connected platform you want to plug into them.

The ‘Ready for PlayStation 5’ X90H and Z8H TVs are expected to be available in Australia from September, and personally I’m glad to see Sony acknowledging the obvious and complementary connection between two of its flagship products.