The GOA 2020 Indie Game Gift Guide

If you are anything like me, you may be rushing around for a few last-minute gifts for the special gamers in your life. 2020 has brought us some stellar indie titles. Digital indie games are the best last-minute gifts – especially if you are avoiding busy shops. If you need gift inspiration for some unique indie titles look no further than GOA’s 2020 Indie Game Gift Guide recommendations.


VirtuaVerse is a challenging point-and-click adventure for the old school gamer.

“VirtuaVerse is such a great game and represents the point-and-click genre at it’s finest. It has great humour, oldschool technology throwbacks, neon cyberpunk aesthetics and amazing synthwave music.” – Inferno, VirtuaVerse review.

VirtuaVerse has a demo available on Steam, is currently on sale on Steam and GOG for $13.19 (AUD).


RITE - GOA 2020 Indie Game Guide

RITE is a bite-sized precision platformer by indie developer Pond Games. RITE has been praised for it’s tight controls, minimalistic design, and distinct thematic soundtrack. Compared to games like Super Meat Boy and Celeste, this game is at the perfect price point to be a stocking stuffer gift for the precision platformer lover.

RITE is currently on sale on Steam for $4.97 (AUD).


Filament is for the indie gamer in your life that loves puzzles. Filament features a sci-fi setting, an atmospheric soundtrack, and brilliant voice acting as you navigate a series of challenging (but not impossible) puzzles.

“Filament is one of the best puzzle games I’ve played this year, and it’s up there as one of the best puzzle games of all time.” – Inferno, Filament review.

Filament is currently on sale on Steam for $14.79 (AUD).

Welcome to Elk

Welcome to Elk is a narrative game. While the game has a light side, with fun mini-games and bright graphics, the story does delve into some heavy topics. Please read the full review from GOA’s indie expert Inferno to see if this game is the right gift for the narrative indie gamer. Covering some mature themes, this game is definitely for adult gamers.

Welcome to Elk is available on XBOX and Steam. Currently, the game is on sale on Steam for $16.12 (AUD).

If these games didn’t hit the mark for the gamer you are shopping for, check out GOA’s Indie Game of the Year post for some extra ideas.

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