V4 MMORPG’s Most Expansive Content Update Yet

Nexon’s cross-platform MMORPG V4 had its largest and most expansive content update drop today adding new areas including Mt. Helendia, Alliance Journey Chapter 9, new companions, conquests, field bosses and more. I reviewed V4 back in August last year and also interviewed the development team, so will be jumping back into the game soon to experience these new features.

The quest to defend Syllunas continues with the latest addition to V4’s heroic story, Alliance Journey Chapter 9. Additional regions have been added for players to explore, including Mt. Helendia alongside corresponding the region boss Lazuka. A new Lunatra dimensional gate, Mt. Oblivion, has also been added for the Legendary Eldon Cloak as well as epic gear and accessories.

To celebrate the new chapter, V4 players can partake in limited-time reward events including: 

  • Cassel’s Gold Specimen 14 Day Check-in: Players who access V4 for 14 days will receive +6 advanced Epic defense gear through Friday, April 30.
  • Cassel’s Gold Specimen Special Mission: Players who complete the mission will get Cassel’s Advanced Epic Gear Gift Chest. This event will be available through Friday, April 30.
  • Fanden Token Collection Event: Players can collect Fanden Tokens to get Rare and Epic companion contracts.

Full patch notes can be found here, and for more information about V4, visit https://www.nexon.com/v4/ or follow @V4Global on Twitter. 


Written by: @ChrisJInglis

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