Ary and the Secret Seasons releases September 1

Indie studio Modus Games are gearing up to release their new game Ary and the Secret Seasons on September 1. The studio have released a brand new trailer today that shows off a bunch of new features in this action adventure game.

Ary will travel through the world of Valdi, a land that constantly changes through different climates. You will take control of Ary as you control the seasons to bring balance back to the land. From the look of the trailer the seasons are locked in circle shaped objects and you use them throughout the world to get through challenges.

Gameplay itself looks to be a mix of puzzles, combat and action with a lot of climbing, diving and dashing shown off in this trailer. The world also looks beautiful. The cartoony detail really brings the world to life in a Zelda kind of way. The scenery looks detailed and rich in colour and I can’t want to dive into this game.

Ary and the Secret of Seasons finds Ary faced with a monumental challenge as she strives to aid Valdi’s Guardians of Seasons, setting out on a journey no other inhabitant of Valdi can complete. Her compelling story of defying expectations will lead her through a strikingly beautiful world as she grapples with puzzles, meets curious people, and leverages her powerful abilities for an upper hand in fluid, satisfying combat.

You can watch the video below

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