Australia’s Internet Speed Results Are So Cactus That You May As Well Pack Up And Move To Singers

Ookla’s monthly internet speed report is out and it’s a big bloody black mark for Aussie, dropping three spots to be the 62nd best place in the world for fixed internet speeds

Let’s say that again.


Yes, such countries as Liechtenstein (10th), Panama (30th) and bloody Kosovo (56th) have better averages than us.

New Zealand… bloody New Zealand… sit 23rd. They average almost 90 MBPS.

We average under half that… 35.11 MBPS to be exact.

Of course, the political parties are all blaming each other. Labor are blaming the mixed technology rollout that the Liberals implemented under M… M. Mmmm… MALCOLM’S reign as Comms Minister.

It’s also suggested that Aussie’s average would fare much better if customers purchased better plans. It’s been reported that we could average as high at 70 MBPS if more Aussies purchased faster plans.

If that was the case… if we did actually average 70 MBPS in this report, that would still only place us at 30th. We’d knock those upstarts Panama off their perch.

Either way, it’s not really good enough is it? It’s not as if the tyranny of distance wasn’t enough of an issue for Aussie gamers.

Maybe we should all move to Singapore? They’re averaging almost two bloody hundred MBPS.

Then again, with speeds that good, you’d be hard pressed to blame lag on anything, let’s be honest.

Written by: @dantheinternut

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