Carnival Games Are Back In Town!

You can once again enjoy the fun and excitement of all your favourite Carnival Games with friends and family at home, and for the first time, on the go. The latest carnival-themed party game by Mass Media Games and 2K released today for the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. It includes 20 mini-games, all ranging from new entries to older fan-favourites from previous games in the franchise. Carnival games supports local multiplayer for up to four people which is perfect for game nights with family and mates. And with a release on Nintendo Switch, this means you can take the party literally anywhere. But even if you’re flying solo, you can still enjoy the wide variety of mini-games on offer and win a few tickets.

If you’re a Nintendo Switch player, you can pick it up right now for a steal on Amazon for $40.99. Look out for my full review of Carnival Games coming soon!

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