Craig The Brute

Craig The Brute Goes On Tour In Halo Infinite

If you’re like me (and let’s face it who doesn’t want to be like me) you didn’t get a lot of sleep last night because the Halo Infinite campaign dropped. You can read GOA’s own Chris Inglis’ impressions on it here but me? I am loving it! Who knew that an open world Halo game was something that I needed? There is one thing I wanted to talk about: Craig the Brute. 

Craig the Brute
“Is my life a joke to you?”

Back in July 343 Industries released a gameplay trailer for the much anticipated game. In amongst the running and the exploding and the crying (that monkey’s going to pay) there was a particularly non-plussed brute that caught gamers’ attention as he was being smacked in the face by Master Chief. 

The Internet® decided that this poor brute would be called Craig and started wondering what his life on the Zeta Halo was like. Is he happy? Does he have a partner? I’m asking for a friend.

Tweet naming Craig the Brute
This is how we name NPCs now

Well gamers wonder no more! As I was hunting for collectibles in the early Tower area I made my way right up onto its roof. It was there I found a small shrine to Craig the Brute. 

Turns out Craig the Brute is an accomplished musician and has at least one album under his belt. Featuring such bangers as I Smile Inside, Popped In The Chin By My Friend, The Day You Become A Meme and My Mom Used To Love Me, Craig has a successful 2560 Zeta Halo Tour. 

Get ready to rock!

I don’t know about everyone else but I’ll be completing my Craig The Brute pilgrimage by visiting all the locations listed in the tour poster. Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll spot the man himself! 

Craig The Brute with some bangers!

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