E3 2019 – Devolver Digital Big Fancy Press Conference

Devolver Digital have released an unhealthy amount of games at E3 2019 with a hilarious take on a “Direct” video. Devolver always manage to bring something unique to E3 and this year that have outdone themselves. The premiere is on a captured marketing director who can no longer perform on stage but is forced into a direct video to announce new games and paid DLC whenever they want. It’s an amusing and bloody affair with 4 new games announced and some DLC for The Messenger.

Fall Guys is coming to PS4 and PC and being developed by Mediatonic. This is by far my favourite trailer of the presentation with so much colour and action. The game will drop 100 players online of escalating chaos until one remains. It seems like a super fresh take on the every growing and starting to get overcrowded battle royale market.

The next game took a while to convince me that it is an actual thing. It’s called Developer Bootleg and contains eight original rip offs of Devolved Digital games. Such hilarious titles include Enter The Gun Dungeon, Hotline Milwaukee, Ape Out Jnr, Shootyboots, Super Absolver Mini, Catsylvania, Luftrousers and PikuBiku Ball Stars. The game will release exclusively on Steam and has a retro blocky arcade feel to it. You can watch the trailer below

The next game is a reverse horror game called Carrion, who was kind enough to make a live appearance during the show. Players will take control of the venom looking alien and kill and spread through a facility growing and evolving while acquiring more abilities. The graphics look creepy and beautiful and I cannot wait to get my hands on this. Watch the trailer below

Probably the biggest surprise was the release of an arcade game, like a full on game that you can only play at an arcade (like Timzone etc) complete with double guns and a ton of blood and guts, the new arcade game is Enter The Gungeon : House Of The Gundead. You can also purchase these custom made cabinet from Griffin Aerotech. Watch the trailer below

All in all this direct video offered up something light and different in comparison to the other presentations we have seen so far. While there were only 4 new games coming in the immediate future, they are all diverse and felt there was something for everyone. You can watch the full 20 minute presentation below