Fall Guys Launches Into Season 5

THE fifth season of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is now available on Playstation and Steam, featuring new and whacky rounds to race through. An 18 minute video for the Season 5 reveal was also launched showing content from the new season as well as interviews with the development team. Season 5 features a new 50-tier season pass to progress through, new limited-time Duos/Trios Shows and events as well as 6 new rounds featuring everything from mechanical Rhinos to a mysterious Lost Temple. 

New Rounds for Fall Guys Season 5 include:

  • Treetop Tumble – Take branching routes in a scramble to the finish. Filled with perilous Log Swings and Expanding Frogs (yes, seriously). Who knows where your choices will take you? 

  • Stompin’ Ground – What happens when the beans wander into rhino territory? Well, prepare to find out! Dash, dive and dodge in a hectic escape from three mechanical Rhinos. Good luck!

  • Lost Temple – Our most ambitious Round to date…and it’s a new final! Navigate the shapeshifting Lost Temple where the elusive path to the Crown is ever-changing. 

  • Lily Leapers – Bounce to the bean rhythm of Lily Leapers. Keep your head on a swivel for that perfect landing as you conquer each layer by leaping from drum to drum.

  • Bubble Trouble – Bubble Trouble is a five-way arena bout that’s all about rapid-fire beans and bubble poppin’ dreams! Scurry between obstacle-filled active zones to collect your way to glorious qualification.

  • Pegwin Pool Party – Zoom down zippy slides and grab those pesky Pegwins. The longer you cling on, the more points you’ll gain. We hope you’ve got a good grip!

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