Farlight 84’s Flagship Game Mode Officially Revealed

LILLITH Games first ever third-person shooter, Farlight 84, is coming to iOS, Android and PC next year. Farlight 84 is a fast-paced and chaotic PvP shooter from the team behind AFK Arena, Rise of Kingdoms and Warpath.

Set in the wastelands of 2084, Farlight 84 will launch players into a world full of different characters, vehicles and environments. The games core gameplay revolves around the battle royale genre, but with a twist. Today Lillith Games have announced even more about Farlight 84, giving us a sneak peek at its flagship mode, HUNT.

HUNT will feature a smaller number of players in comparison to other Battle Royales, cutting the population in half to 48. Teams of two will spread across the 1.2 km HUNT map which will feature landmarks such as motels, a ranch, rocket base and more.

Each team will have a specific rival player to target. Taking down said target will reward that player a numtag worth 3 points. Taking down non-targetted players will score them numtag worth 1 point. This is kind of similar to Kill Confirmed mode on Call of  Duty.

However, this mode isn’t about scoring as many points as you can before the time runs out, nor is it totally about being the last one standing. Collecting 6 points will allow you to be able to evacuate. Or you can stick around and take down everyone else.

HUNT is currently the only mode to be announced and it’s uncertain how many modes will feature in the final product. However, Lillith Games have confirmed a bunch of other content within the game.

Getting around in Farlight 84 can mostly be done using jetpacks which come in 11 different styles or any of the 7 confirmed vehicles including ATV/SUV, Walkers and Hover vehicles. There will also be multiple characters available on the roster with different skins and rarities.

While we have a while to wait before Farlight 84 officially launches, a Closed Beta Testing period will start on June 15. You can now register your interest in the Closed Beta Test here.

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