Final Fantasy XIV Online Finally Gets An Oceanic Data Centre

AFTER years of relying on Japanese Data centres for the best connection possible, Oceanic Final Fantasy XIV Online players will finally be getting their own dedicated data centre. Director and Producer of Final Fantasy XIV Online, Naoki Yoshida, revealed the news during the keynote on Day 1 of the 2021 Final Fantasy XIV Digital FanFest in Tokyo which also covered plenty of exciting details about the upcoming Endwalker expansion.

Yoshida, aka Yoshi-P, says that giving Oceanic players their own data centres has been in the works for a while, adding that this necessity was also a multi-million dollar investment. The news has sparked excitement across the Australian Final Fantasy XIV Online community who have taken to twitter to share their joy.

However, the OCE server initially meant to be ready before the Endwalker expansion, which launches on November 23. Due to COVID-19, server engineers were unable to travel to get the servers ready. But it hasn’t stopped progression on getting them up and running. Yoshi-P said that it’s all being done remotely with server engineers communicating digitally with those at the OCE server location. Yoshi-P has said that OCE servers should be up and running by patch 6.1.

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