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Indie World Showcases New Games Coming To Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Indie World showed off a slew of indie games heading to the Switch. We here at GOA love our indies so check out these titles!

The first game Indie World showed off was Ooblets, part farming simulator, part town builder and part creature collection game. This charming game comes to the Switch summer 2022.

Action RPG Batora: Lost Haven was next cab off the rank. With plenty of puzzles and action, this game looks stunning! Releasing on Switch autumn 2022.

ElectHead is a puzzle platformer from Nama Takahashi. Using electicity generated from your own body, avoid traps and escape! Coming summer 2022.


Soundfall takes rhythm games to the next level. Fight to the beat in this title from Noodlecake and Drastic Games. Available now!

If card building rogue-likes are your thing, check out Wildfrost from Chucklefish and Deadpan Games. Releasing winter 2022.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is waddling its way onto the Switch. Releases summer 2022.

If platformers are more your style why not check out the noir-punk action adventure game Gunbrella! Coming to Switch 2023.

Story driven, music biopic game We Are OFK heads to the Switch summer 2022.

Silt is an underwater, hand drawn adventure where you take control of ocean creatures to solve puzzles. Available June 2022.

Live out every commuter’s dream and create your own solutions to congestion in Mini Motorways. Driving onto the Switch now!

Wayward Strand

Australian studio ghost pattern bring their title Wayward Strand. Set in 1970s rural Australia, this game encourages multiple play throughs to learn more about the characters in this story driven game. Coming to Switch 21st July 2022.

Cult Of The Lamb is an action adventure game where you play as a cute little lamb. Releasing 2022.

In a phrase I thought I’d never say, Agrro Crab give us a soulslike shellslike game in their title Another Crab’s Treasure. Coming to Switch 2023.

There’s more on the way, inlcuding OneShot: World Machine Edition (summer 2022), Gibbon: Beyond The Trees (available now), Idol Manager (25th August 2022), Card Shark (pre-order and demo available now), Cursed To Golf (summer 2022), A Guide Book Of Babel (autumn 2022) and Opus: Echo Of Starsong – Full Bloom Edition (available now).

Indie World promised great indie games and delivered. Which ones are you looking forward to? Let us know!


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