Kerbal Space Program Turns 10 And Celebrates With Some Big Announcements

HAPPY birthday, Kerbal Space Program! Today the space simulation franchise celebrates its 10th anniversary and makes a couple of big announcements. Originally launching on PC and then on console later on, both the original and its sequel are being released on next-gen consoles. A new update for the PC version is also being launched to coincide with the the 10th Anniversary.

The Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions of Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition will come with a free next-gen upgrade for their respective consoles later this year. Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition will also be available to purchase from digital stores. However, fans will have to wait to play Kerbal Space Program 2 on Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S as it’s scheduled to launch next year.

PC players of Kerbal Space Program will receive a free update today called “On Final Approach”. Version 1.12 comes with new features, including:

●     A new Maneuver Tool app to create inter-body transfer maneuver nodes

●     A new slim suit option

●     New parts: Firework dispensers and solar panels

●     An alarm clock to help players keep track of important events

●     New easter eggs scattered around the solar system to discover

●     And more!

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