Kim-Joy Baked Final Fantasy XIV Online A Cake For Their 8th Birthday

FINAL Fantasy XIV Online are about to become better known for its tasty food creations than the game itself. The popular MMO recently launched its own cookbook filled with recipes inspired by in-game food items. However there’s one tasty sweet treat that you won’t find within the 192-page cookbook written by Victoria Rosenthal.

With Final Fantasy XIV Online celebrating its 8th birthday this year, former Great British Bake Off star Kim-Joy has created the most epic Final Fantasy-themed birthday cake. Featuring iconic creatures from the game, this three-tiered cake is made of lemon sponge, buttercream, fondant and other various food elements.

Culinarian supreme Kim-Joy also demonstrates how she created the birthday cake in a 5-minute YouTube video for Final Fantasy XIV Online’s official channel. After creating each layer of lemon sponge and buttercream, Kim-Joy then creates Spriggans out of mochi and thick custard. Next, she creates Cactuars, Sabotenders and Gigantenders from gingerbread cookies and icing. And it wouldn’t be Final Fantasy XIV without a few Fat Chocobos either. Kim-Joy also creates sandy desert and blue sky backdrops using coloured buttercream and biscuit crumbs.

The top tier is the cakes crowning glory though. A Moogle head made from fondant. This cake is just the start of the Final Fantasy XIV Online’s 8th Anniversary celebrations. Square Enix has only just kicked-off birthday celebrations today with The Rising 2021 in-game event happening from now until September 9. The Rising will reward players with limited-time rewards such as a Red Moon Parasol and Nymeia Potpourri.

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