Magic: The Gathering Arena now available free for Android and iOS devices

GOOD news, card-combat gamers! Magic: The Gathering Arena is now free to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Publishers Wizards of the Coast have confirmed all the features from the PC version will be in the mobile edition, along with some tweaks to make the game more suitable on smartphones and tablets.

Per the official announcement:

“All MTG Arena card sets, formats, events, deck building and more are supported on mobile and tablet devices, including the latest set Kaldheim. Players can use their Wizards Account to access their existing MTG Arena collection, complete quests, and match against other players regardless of platform. MTG Arena on mobile and tablets also utilizes touch screen and other gesture controls that make gameplay easier for smaller screens.”

They have also confirmed the mobile version will feature crossplay against mobile, tablet, PC or Mac too.

Wizards of the Coast executive producer Chris Cao said Magic: The Gathering Arena’s success was due to the game’s passionate community and it was great to be able to bring it to mobile devices and tablets as well.

“The phenomenal growth and popularity of Magic: The Gathering Arena has been driven by our dedicated community of players and fans – and we couldn’t be more grateful for their passion and support as we continue to evolve the brand to new platforms and experiences,” he said.

“Today’s launch of MTG Arena on mobile and tablet devices marks a very important step to bringing the game of Magic to everyone, anywhere, any way they want to play.”

For more information, the official FAQ can be found here

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