Mario Kart Tour Races Into Sydney

THE race around the world continues as Mario Kart Tour comes down under! The mobile game has recently been making tracks during the last couple of weeks in the Japanese-themed ninja tour. But as of today, players can zip through Sydney while also finding cool rewards.

The Sydney Tour will run for two weeks up until 3:59PM AEST on May 5. During this time time players will be able to collect various karts, drivers and gliders by racing on the Sydney Sprint course, including Baby Mario (Koala), Jet Cruiser kart and the Surf Master Glider. But there are even more goodies to collecting during separate time periods with the Sydney Tour.

Between 4PM AEST on April 25 and 3:59PM AEST on April 30, players can collect the Gold Cheep Charger kart, Gold Cheep Snorkel kart and beachy-keen karts and gliders by racing in the Ocean Pipe. There’s also Mario Swimwear, Rosalina Swimwear, Cheep Snorkel kart, Blue Soda kart, Blooper Wingtip glider and Luma Parafoil glider up for grabs from 4PM AEST on April 28 until the end of the Sydney Tour.

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